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Way back in the dark ages of the internet (ie 1997-98) - Loxie and Zoot had their first online outings in Noodtoons. Any passing similarity between this ye olde stuff and The Koala Bares is totally coincidental! Each of these nine Noodtoons have an introductory comment which may, on occassions, also be a spoiler. An historical aside: the following ghastly green nood gifs below are also from the original Noodtoons website... i don't know what I was thinking!
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#1: Noodworld
The comic that started it all!

#2: Downtown
Zoot goes to town on a mission... hey, haven't we seen this before?

#3: On The Beach pt.1
The first colour strip and the start of a serialised strip.

#4: On The Beach pt.2
The story continues...

#5: On The Beach pt.3
Introducing nudists apenty, including Mungo!

#6: On The Beach pt.4
You saw this scenario here first, folks!

#7: On The Beach pt.5
More regular Loxie & Zoot characters get their first outing.

#8: On The Beach pt.6
It was a good idea while it lasted...

#9: Love Thy Neighbour
Tex gets his (brief) moment of glory!


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