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A few years ago Zoot moved to Koala Bay with his partner Loxie to escape the rat race and enjoy more time by the sea. However they discovered that Koala Bay had no legal nude beaches. Although disappointed Zoot was heartened to discover a great naturist resort just out of town - the Koala Bay Bares. He and Loxie became regular visitors at every opportunity.

When the resort owners Fred and Janet decided to retire and sell the business Zoot jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Along with Loxie he is now a co-manager of the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Resort offering him the dream of a lifetime - to go to work nude! And he loves it.

Raised by his European naturist parents to feel comfortable about his body, with or without clothes on, Zoot has grown up in Australia a lifelong naturist. Perhaps the only drawback has been that he often forgets about clothes, even when he needs to venture out into the textile world.


Despite being free spirited and willing to try new things, Loxie surprised herself the day she agreed to go to a naturist beach with Zoot and have her first swim without a bathing suit. Although a bit apprehensive at first she was soon amazed at how liberating and enjoyable it felt, vowing to throw away the bathing suit forever. Loxie was soon an enthusiastic naturist and would go clothes free at every available opportunity. When she moved to Koala Bay with Zoot, she was very happy to discover the Naturist Resort just outside the town.

Having worked previously as a professional photographer before moving to Koala Bay she set up a small studio in town and also became the Resort's photographer-in-residence.

After being regular visitors to the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Resort for a number of years, Loxie and Zoot recently took over as its new owners. She loves the vibe of the resort and particularly enjoys meeting the many people who pass through there, working hard to ensure everyone's experience of naturism at the resort is a positive and relaxing one.


A second year student in hospitality management at Koala Bay College, Willow works part-time as a 'Girl Friday' for the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Resort. As part of this arrangement she lives on-site at the resort in her own small, but cosy, cabin.

Unfamiliar with the term 'naturist' when she answered the ad for casual work a year ago, she was surprised upon arriving for her interview to find everyone - even her prospective employers, Janet and Fred - were stark naked! It was a pleasant surprise however for, while growing up on a country farm, Willow would always skinny dip down at her favourite creek and was disappointed to lose this simple pleasure when she moved to Koala Bay to study. Although she hadn't thought of herself as a naturist she was over the moon to get the job. Willow puts her own personal touches into the work she does at the Koala Bay Bares and was invaluable to Loxie and Zoot when they took over as managers of the resort.

Other points of note: Willow is tall (as in 6'1"), so she towers over most of the other women at the Resort. And quite a few of the men as well! She has a very slim build, due mostly to her vegan diet and active lifestyle.


Fred, along with his wife Janet, was the founder and original owner of the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Retreat. Just recently he and Janet decided to retire so they could enjoy more time travelling. Although they have managed to sell the Resort over to Loxie and Zoot, they are yet to undertake any travel, deciding to stay around Koala Bay for a few months to provide any assistance the fledgling owners may need.

Fred is finding himself feeling a bit lost in this transitional phase, not really knowing what to do with all his new found free time. It certainly is relaxing but he also craves to throw himself into his work. If Janet suggests they should start travelling he starts making excuses because he is finding it hard to let go of his previous life at Koala Bay Bares.

Fred has been a naturist for a large part of his 60 years. He migrated to Australia from England some forty years ago and worked for a number of years in Koala Bay as a plumber. He met Janet while working one day, after accidentally discovering her sunbathing nude in her backyard. Diffusing the potentially awkward moment, Fred commented that it didn't bother him she was naked since he was a nudist anyway. Since Janet was a nudist too, they soon started going out together!

Fred hit upon the idea of starting a resort where naturists could spend their time in peace. And so the Koala Bay Bares was born. Investing all the money from his plumbing business, Fred managed to raise the capital to get the Bares established and, along with Janet, has managed to steer the Resort to success over the ensuing years.


Janet, along with her husband, was a founder and original owner of the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Retreat. Just recently she and Fred decided to retire so they could enjoy more time travelling. Although they have managed to sell the Resort over to Loxie and Zoot, they are yet to undertake any travel.

Janet is enjoying her new found freedom spending as much time relaxing and taking it easy. She is a little annoyed at Fred because he keeps putting off their travel plans. Janet is keen to start travelling as she has not seen much of the world and doesn't want to miss the chance.

Janet loves pottery and working with clay. She has started up her own little craft business, making and selling garden gnomes - these ones are gnudists too! There are a number of them scattered around the Resort. She also enjoys having a good yarn with the other women of the Resort, and a little bit of gossip is never out of the question.


Mungo is a long time resident of the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Resort - some even say it was probably built around him. To the uninitiated he seems somewhat odd and even those that do know him well regard him as being rather eccentric.

Mungo lives in his small but comfy self-built yurt, grows his own organic veggies and is totally self sustaining. He offers his services of massage, yoga, meditation and mystic healing to any of the residents and visitors of the resort and has become a "must visit" for a number of regulars.

Mungo's people - the Wirranii - were the original inhabitants of the Koala Bay area before European occupation in the mid 1800's. The Wirranii were either driven out, or worse - Mungo is the one of only a few Wirranii descendants still living in the area. He keeps alive his people's traditions and ways with the land but speaks very little of it to others.

No one can remember ever seeing him wear a single stitch, even in the colder months. He also has an uncanny ability to know what is about to happen, his only explanation being that 'he pays attention'. Mungo claims he makes things up as he goes along and yet even his oddest projects and comments have a knack of hitting their target... eventually.


Tex Tyler is an alderman on the Koala Bay Shire Council. While he was not elected on an anti-nudity platform he worked hard to have nude bathing banned at the secluded Koala Sands beach. Tex makes a lot of noise about how public nudity leads to a decay in moral standards in the community and provides an open invitation to all sorts perves and other deviants. Some are listening, others are not.

The next item on his personal agenda was to have been to push the naturists (or 'nudies' as he calls them) out of Koala Bay altogether. He tried to make an election issue out of the Koala Bay Bares in his push for mayor, and while popular with the locals at first his plan backfired badly!

When not campaigning for mayor, Tex runs his golfing shop in Koala Bay, an odd business since there are no golf course in Koala Bay! The nearest course is over 15km away and Tex spends a fair bit of time travelling there to play a round or two. There are rumours thatTex also sees the Bare's property (across the vally from his own land) as a prize site for a golf course!

While making a big show of his outrage at nudity, this doesn't stop Tex from sneaking an occasional peek across the valley at his next door naturist resort neighbours - strictly for "research purposes", of course!


Herb discovered naturism more than thirty years ago, when it was much less socially acceptable in Australia (and other parts of the world too!). Herb retired from building work a few years ago and now lives at the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Resort with his wife Val.

As part of a founding local naturist group he has been involved in the movement to gain rights and more public space for naturists again and again. He is somewhat cynical about, and easily angered by, pompous politicians and the media types. Herb's personal enemy number one is Tex Tyler and thinks Zoot should be doing more to counter Tex's anti-naturist rhetoric.

Generally though, Herb is otherwise an easy going bloke, preferring to ignore the textiled world and just have a good time in the nude. Top amongst his favourite pastimes is playing card games (mostly bridge) and petanque with Val and the former resort owners, Fred and Janet. He loves playing his piano accordion - although many other regulars and residents at the Resort don't always share his enthusiasm!


Val has been married to Herb for many years now, and an enthusiastic nudist for almost as long. When Herb first suggested naturism to her she thought she would die! Val felt very ncomfortable about her body, as well as shame. Herb was very supportive but persistant. On her first few visits to the then local nude beach, she kept her clothes on. Gradually she became aware that there were people of all shapes, and that the size of someones body was not a great concern to other nudists. Still, she didn't feel comfortable about the beach and it was then closed by Tex Tyler. Herb suggested the Koala Bay Bares Resort, recently opened by Fred and Janet. Val took to the place like a duck to water. Before long she was spending as much time at the resort as possible and in fact now feels more comfortable out of clothes than she does in them.

Now that Herb has retired and they live on-site at the Resort, Val spends a lot of her time making colourful jewelry, reading craft magazines and writing letters to her family in Tahiti. She is a very sharp bridge player with a wicked sense of humour.


Geena is a General Practitioner at a small clinic on the outskirts of Koala Bay. Her understanding nature and determination to look for natural solutions to improve health and well-being rather than just doling out prescriptions has made her a popular GP amongst many of the locals of Koala Bay.

Geena lives by the beach in a comfortably modest house along with her husband Peter and children Nick and Chrystel. She takes an active interest in her kids' school and often lends a hand at parent's auxiliaries and fetes whenever her busy schedule allows. Since Peter is the manager of the local gymnasium she also takes herself through a regular workout to keep fit.

Along with her family she is a frequent visitor to the Koala Bay Bares and is a good friend of Loxie's. Geena finds being at the Koala Bay Bares helps her to relax and unwind after a hectic week of work. She is convinced that naturism is a deeply healing process for body, mind and soul. However, although she makes no secret of the fact she is a naturist, she doesn't push the concept on her patients. Geena was able to make the transition to the naturist lifestyle with only minimal coercion from Peter several years ago, despite her somewhat repressive Catholic upbringing, and she believes that taking the step oneself is better than being shoved.


Peter is the manager of the Koala Bay Gym. He was once an avid body builder. These days he keeps himself in shape with vigorous workouts. In his younger years he was also a model in a few television commercials for soft drinks in which he got to bare his chest and flex his muscles. The occasional repeats of the ads serves as a constant source of amusement and embarrassment for his two children, Nick and Chrystel. He is married to Geena and very much in love with her. This is his second marriage and is working much better than his first.

When Fred and Janet put the Koala Bay Bares up for sale Peter was very interested in buying it. He is an avid naturist and the thought of being able to go days without having to wear any clothes, especially while working, was very appealing. In the end however, he and Geena decided it would be too great a disruption to the kids schooling, as well as for Geena's work. While he graciously accepted Loxie and Zoot as the new owners he can't help but feel he would be able to do a better job, being a local Koala Bay lad he'd have plenty of townsfolk flocking to join up. He figures that he'll get his chance someday. In the meantime he is happy enough with weekend visits to the Resort, and - since his family is clothing optional at home too - he almost gets enough clothes free time to satisfy him.


Nick is finishing his last year at primary school and is looking forward to going to high school... he thinks. He's mad keen on sport, especially running... even though he knows his father - Peter - would prefer him to get into cricket. His school grades aren't too crash hot but since he plans to be a pro-sprinter (providing his legs grow long enough!) he's decided he doesn't need grades much anyway. His mother - Geena - has a very different point of view and encourages him to at take his school work more seriously than sport and comic books.

The thing that has him most concerned at the moment however is that his body is hitting puberty and he's not too sure he likes it. While it's good that it means he'll grow taller, some of the other changes he's less than impressed with. He doesn't want to talk about it either. Living with his naturist family - either at home or his home away from home, the Koala Bay Bares - has meant he has been very relaxed about being without clothes, or in the "nuddy" as he and his sister Chrystel laughingly call it. All of a sudden however he has become very self-conscious. He went through a phase of wearing clothes around home more often and he's become aware of the way his peers regard naturists.


Chrystel is having a fun time at school and thinks she might like to be a doctor like her mother Geena when she grows up. No doubt that may change, since she's only in third grade and has yet to discover her real talent for marine biology! For the time being though she is happiest when she is staring into a rock pool, collecting strange and colourful shells, and swimming at the beach near her home. She loves it when the dolphins come in close to frolic in the surf.

The only annoying thing about swimming at the beach is that she has to wear her bathing costume - a totally "ickky" and "disgusting" thing, especially when it is wet. When she was younger it was okay for to wear nothing, but now, all of sudden, it's not. It seems crazy to her, but her mum and her father Peter have explained that unfortunately it is the way things need to be around textiles. Not that this stops her from slipping out of the costume once she's swum out away from the beach - she just has to make sure she doesn't let go of it! That's why she loves going to the Koala Bay Bares - so she can run around and swim in the nuddy (as she and her brother Nick love to call it) without 'upsetting the neighbours'!


Harry is an accountant at a small firm in Koala Bay. He moved to Australia from Singapore with his wife Kim over ten years ago. They lived in Sydney for their first couple of years but then discovered Koala Bay while on holiday. They fell in love with the coastal town and decided to move in. Living in Koala Bay is so different from Singapore, where everything is so crowded and regimented, and Harry loves it!

Harry first heard about naturism while he was still living in Singapore - it seemed like such a wild and amazing concept that people would walk around naked in front of each other without any sexual reaction. But the more he thought about it the more he wished, especially on the hottest and most humid of days in Singapore that he too could be free of clothing. He even tried it around the house when Kim was not at home and found that he liked it so much he had to tell her. She was shocked at first but let him do what he wanted as long as they didn't have guests.

Their move to Australia and the birth of Zinni, their first daughter, distracted Harry from his further pursuit of naturism for a number of years. Until he discovered the Koala Bay Bares! Out of sheer curiosity he went one day - without telling Kim - sure that the people would be undesirables and that he wouldn't like it there. He was so amazed by what he found instead, open friendly people and the most beautiful bush land he had ever seen. He loved it so much he was determined to return, with Kim and Zinni, who was two years old by then.


Kim is a nurse at the Koala Bay Hospital. It's tiring work but she enjoys it despite the difficult patients. She's just given birth to her second child - Aria. She's amazed at how calm she was about it all this time round, when she was pregnant with her daughter Zinni she was constantly frantic and stressed out! But then a lot has changed for her since she moved from Singapore to Australia with Harry to settle, eventually, in Koala Bay.

When Harry told her he had been to a nudist resort near Koala Bay. She was mortified - what sort of strange practices was her husband getting into? He kept saying how fantastic it was, and that she and Zinni should go too. Finally, after much pestering she agreed, on the proviso she could keep her clothes on. She was sure she would be totally appalled by the whole experience and that Harry would then, at least, leave her out of his ideas.

While Kim stayed dressed the first time, she still enjoyed herself and found that the people at the Koala Bay Bares were actually normal, friendly people - even if they were naked. She agreed to go with Harry a second time and managed to work up the courage to swim nude, but dressed once she was out of the water. By the third time however Kim went nude for almost the whole time and has since become an avid naturist. She's found herself feeling much more relaxed about her body and, especially in light of her preganacy, more accepting of the changes in it also.


Zinni is adjusting to life with a new baby sister in the family. While she had been excited and amazed as her mother Kim's tummy had grown larger and larger, now that the baby is born she's less keen - as it means crying, poopy nappies and less time for her with mum! Added to her usually inexhaustible supply of energy, she has now become quite a handful for Kim and her dad, Harry.

At eight years of age, Zinni is one of the youngest regulars at the Koala Bay Bares. She loves going to visit, especially when she knows her bestest friend Chrystel is going to be there too. She doesn't remember the first time she went there - she was only about four years old - but Kim has told her she was a regular little nudist from the moment they set foot in the Bares. Zinni wouldn't keep her clothes on, even when it was time to leave!


Tash is a free-spirit, at present unattached to any form of 9 to 5 employment. And, being 18 she has no immediate plans to settle down. This is not to say she's unemployed, for she supports herself through making all varieties of weird and wonderful jewellery - using coloured beads, shells and any other baubles she can lay her hands on - and selling them through local markets.

She and her boy friend Herb were on a relatively laid back trip around the country - or at least the parts of it they could reach in their bomby old combi! It is this journey which has lead Tash to visit her cousin Willow at the Koala Bay Bares.

Hailing from the Byron area of New South Wales, with its large, alternative, skyclad community Tash has happily embraced clothes freedom. She's been to nude beaches on many occasions, and loves alternative new agey type festivals where clothing is always optional. She doesn't consider herself a 'naturist' she simply enjoys having a fun time au naturel and really hates how people make a such a negative big deal out of the human body.


Another Herb! This Herb is a quiet bloke who likes taking it easy. While he often doesn't say much he is very friendly and accepting of all people, even those who are not really on his wavelength. He loves nothing more than to lose himself in sessions on the bongos - the more that join in, with any musical instrument, the better! Herb is currently at a bit of a loose end in his life - he just came into a tidy sum of money via an inheritance and figures that, providing he spends it meagrely, it'll tide him over for a few years until he works out what he's doing and where he's going.

He was happy to travel around parts of Australia with his girlfriend Tash in their combi. Their journey brought them to visit Tash's cousin Willow at the Koala Bay Bares. He's met Willow once before, a couple of years ago... although she had her clothes on then!

Herb's only been introduced to the idea of clothes freedom in the last couple of years. When he first met Tash he didn't know what to make of a girlfriend who kept getting her gear off at the drop of a hat. He thought it was pretty neat and all to have her getting nude, but wasn't it somewhat weird?... he wasn't sure. Once he tried it out for himself, after a bit of cajoling from Tash, he realised she was actually onto something rather mad ("cool!"). It took him a while before he tried it out around other people but was then amazed by how much of a big deal it wasn't!


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