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Loxie and ZootLoxie & Zoot is a creative outlet for me to depict the fun and freedom of naturism. Overall it's meant to be a bit of fun - a naturist sitcom of sorts - so please view it in this light. Full frontal nudity is depicted in pretty much the way you'll find it treated at naturist resorts and amongst the wider naturist community; as natural and normal and without lewd sensationalism. The many naturist characters featured in this comic are male and female, all shapes, sizes and ages, and I hope you find them realistic, believable and fun to get to know!

I find the hang-ups around nudity that are so prevalent in Western society are just outright weird. Let's face it, the default condition for every person's body is nude. Yet there are very few societies where the unclothed human body is no big deal. In most parts of the world there are varying degrees of taboos about the body, from the silly and puerile to the outright extreme. Where there is distortion of body image people usually hate, or feel ashamed of, or inadequate about, some part or another of their own bodies (if not all of it). Generally there are issues - fear, fetishes, fixations - about other people's bodies, especially of the opposite gender and/or gender of sexual preference. My experience with people who practice social nudity has been that there is a much greater level of acceptance of their own body and respect for the bodies of other people. That's not to say they are perfect human beings, just more at ease about themselves and others.

In the mainstream media (or any non-naturist media, come to think of it) I've never seen people who "just happen to be nude" unless there is a specific sexual, shock and/or comedic intention. News stories/articles about naturists or naturist events always obscure the genitals and a theme of general disbelief usually colours the editorial position. I've read columns in liberal newspapers in which the writer has been angry or offended by naturists. They are shocked that naturists have real bodies - not those of super models - and that they would dare to expose themselves in all their wrinkled, wobbly and saggy glory despite this.

Generally, naturism is none of the things most people who don't practice it believe it to be - and that is a very long list of strange perceptions. Naturism, in its healthiest expression, celebrates the person - not what they look like or how they dress. Naturism recognises no uniforms, every single body can be as unique as the individual who lives within. Naturism can be healthy for body and mind. Naturism can be a lot of things - fun, sociable, healthy, sensual, liberating and natural. I enjoy rugging up against the cold, sometimes it's fun to get 'dressed up' and I certainly don't advocate nudity for every situation (arc welding springs to mind). Clothes serve a functional purpose, but somehow, somewhere, clothes have taken over from self-esteem and self-perception as well. It doesn't need to be that way.

If any of this sounds even in the slightest way exciting, why not explore the possiblities? There are many social naturist clubs and resorts and beaches full of people just waiting to welcome you (although single males may unfortunately find this not to be the case - but that's another story). So join in! You can even do it around the house if you feel you need a bit of practice accepting yourself first. As a person who enjoys naturism when opportunity and climate permit I know what I'm on about in my own way. But please don't take any of this as gospel over and above your own experience of life and naturism.

That's all from me - please enjoy the site as much as I have putting it together!

Stephen -

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