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It would be cool to get your feedback on the site and the toons. I'll reply to pretty much to any email. I'll even publish your emails here, answer any questions and respond to comments and constructive criticisms. Thanks to everyone who's written in so far!
Stephen -

When was the original beginning of the current (It's a Nood, Nood, Nood, Nood World) story line presented? I remember the crook couple checking in at the Bares. The guy was talking about needing a place to hide out. Is this episode present in the archives?
Jim - 6.9.04
Originally 'It's A Nood, Nood, Nood World '(note there's only 3 'Noods'!) had a run starting around March 2002. It got up to around 40 pages before various pressures brought it to an end. When I got Loxie & Zoot up and running again I revisited the original Nood World story I realised it needed a fair bit of work. In fact it was really two stories and all a bit confused - so I've split it in two and worked on the main plot of jewel thieves, etc. However, this version is all new art (even if much of it is derived closely from the original version). If I do put the original up, it won't be until the main parts are covered by this current version.

Two things. First, I want to say that I enjoy reading Loxie & Zoot. The artwork is great (to put in mildly), and the stories are down-to-earth, non-pretentious, and often quite funny. You put Naturists in a positive light, which is rare in the USA. Apparently Australia has a somewhat more tollerant view on the matter. Keep up the great work!
Second... do you ever accept story ideas from readers? >:) From my own limited experience, Naturists often see eye to eye with environmentalists. The story I have in mind explores that.
I've taken part in clothing-optional recreation in the past, but I haven't recently, largely from lack of time. However, my experience was largely positive. (There is one guy in the local naturist circuit who is the nudist answer to Tex Tyler; him I could do without.)
Anyway, again, keep up the great work!
Richard - 20.8.04
The environment is certainly an issue close to my heart - I don't usually take ideas from readers (mainly for copyright issues and the like), but I do have a story with an environmental theme stored away in my grey matter... as for when or if it ever gets drawn is another matter.

i've see on another site a pic from you (I think) called "Gnoodtoons" and i found it very funny what is this work for? A simple drawing? A new story? Or something else? Could you explain me a little more? I think this image could become a very nice wallpaper
Pierre - 28.3.04

That would be this picture. The short answer on that is that back when I was first running Loxie & Zoot (circa 2001) I had an urge to do a comic that was a little more in the fantasy genre - Gnoodtoons was the result. Unfortunately I only ever got three pages finished before (as usual) lack of time and planning kind of killed the project. This was the cast pic - and yes that is Mungo waving his arms around madly! As to the future of Gnoodtoons, all I can say is, when its online again, that's when it's online again! (And the only way that's going to happen is when I get more time to work on it). And sorry, I won't be putting up the first three pages... it would do it no justice...

I love the strip.  I've read through it all, and wish there were more. Is the Koala Bay Bares Naturist Resort completely fictitional, based on a single resort, or based on a group of resorts? If a resort like this really does exist, I'd sure like to check it out.
Paul - 11.8.04
The Koala Bay Bares is an imaginary place - but no doubt visitors to the various resorts around Australia (especially those I've stayed at!) would be able to say "heyyyy, that looks familiar!"

Now that I have had time to read all of Loxie and Zoot’s adventures I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them. There are a terrific example of how much fun nudism/naturalism is.
Bill - 6.8.04

Wanted to give you compliments on the wonderful and deliciously entertaining comic strip about Loxie and Zoot and their adventures at their Nudist Colony Resort. :) It's awesome! I was referred to your site by a good mate of mine who thought I'd enjoy some Australian humour and something to read on the 'Net. I got the site link merely a couple of weeks ago and have read through the entire stack!
Cato - 14.7.04

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping me entertained with the Nude Toons. You are an awesome cartoonist. I'm new to the nudist lifestyle and your toons have helped me accept it.
Kara - 18.6.04

IIt's nice to see a comic that is based on nudity but is clean at the same time. I wonder what would happen if someone was to purchase a large peice of land land next to the Koala Bay Bares because Tex was under the impression that the person was anti-nudist when the truth was he would not go bare himself but belived that people had the right to live as they pleased. You could even have him letting the people use some of his land when there are more people the resort can handle.
Anon - 26.5.04

Jenny Everywhere - Cease and Desist!
Haha! Just kidding!
Hi. I'm the initial creator of Jenny Everywhere and owner of the Jenny Everywhere site. I've been anticipating your Jenny story for a couple weeks now, since you first announced it. So far, so great. I've really been enjoying it, and it's one of the best drawn webcomics I've yet to come across. On top of it all, your interpretation of Jenny is one of the closest I've seen to my own sensibilities. I'm looking forward to more, and will definitely continue reading your strip even after Jenny has made her departure. Thanks for including her in Loxie & Zoot.
Steven - 25.5.04

Brilliant, just brilliant. I don’t know what more to say. I read the whole book online. Couldn’t stop. I love your artwork, especially the proper placement of untanned spots when drawing nubies. Course, even us long timers have “winkies”. *grin*
Thanks and keep up the good work…
Jerry - 25.5.04

Just thought I drop a line, and let ya know how much I enjoy the Loxie and Zoot Comix.
Mad King - 25.5.04

Cool wallpaper, looks fine on a 19" monitor with zillions of colours on my IBM clone PC.
Love your cartoon man , don't ever stop tooning with the Koala Bay Bares , I think you should be syndicated in daily papers globally.
Alan - 18.5.04

Thank you for the good story. Frank.cam is a clear warning for the young people to see some dangers.
It's a funny thought that a story from the other side of the world is promoting Naturism here in Holland.
Harry - 20.4.04

Thank you for the good story. Frank.cam is a clear warning for the young people to see some dangers.
It's a funny thought that a story from the other side of the world is promoting Naturism here in Holland.
Harry - 20.4.04

iWe've recently rediscovered your strip and thoroughly enjoyed it. We've gone through the archives to see what we've missed in the last 6-7 months.
The stories are great. The art is wonderful and the depiction of people of all shapes and sizes in bang on. We've been away from our local naturist club and your strip made us realize how much we've missed it all. We're heading back this weekend. Thanks.
Patrick & Geri - 12.4.04

Have just read through the first six or so stories of Loxie and Zoot. I agree with those who say the preachiness gets a little much, but otherwise find them enjoyable. I particularly like the satire of the first installment's dream sequence.
However, I noticed one trend that bothers me. The nude adults are shown fully nude, with no attempt to hide any part of their bodies. But with the children and adolescents, you meticulously avoid showing their genitals.
This is a tantamount admission that one still thinks of the "naughty bits" of minors as "naughty bits," and not just body parts like the rest of them, and that's not a good message for naturists to be sending out. If children are going to be shown nude in a nonsexual naturist environment, then ALL of them should be shown, including genitals--just like the adults. Any other approach is a capitulation to the sick attitudes of textiled people.
Marty - 28.3.04
There were numerous reasons for why I depicted children and young people that way in the Koala Bares, none of them necessarily completely valid but I feel 'safer' staying in the zone, as it were.
I would like to be as casual about depicting children as I am with adults, that's what naturism is about after all!
At that time I had a concern about how certain individuals use naturist images in relation to children (and I still do!). While I know I can't be held responsible for the sick mind of others (they'll do what they do regardless) I like to keep the parameters safe, for myself and for children. There are types out there who want to see children naked for all the wrong reasons. I know they lurk around my site because the stats on my site indicate hits via search engines using dubious terms around 'young naturists', 'very young naturists' and the like. I've only received one or two questionable emails but I think it is indicative of some phantom lurkers. Basically I don't want to give them or their chums a reason to hang around. So hedges and tables, whilst contrary to the overall mood of the toon, are just my way of protecting my children characters (and believe me, I feel very protective of them).
Like I say, I don't know how valid any of these concerns are. Perhaps I think too much. Loxie and Zoot break the mould somewhat and no doubt there are people who disagree strongly with what it depicts, and I've got to expect that when pointing out the misconceptions society hold about clothes, nudity and the human body. I just perceive that sometimes I am tip toeing through a field of landmines, if I can defuse some of them it puts me at ease.
Anyhow, I could probably write a thesis on this, but won't!
I drew the Koala Bares some years ago and for me it is an 'old' and'early' effort on my part. I do have stories planned for the kids which will hopefully strike a bolder step forward for myself and the cartoon!
I knew I'd end up e-mailing you at some point! Just thought I'd let you know just how much I've been enjoying Loxie & Zoot since I first stumbled across it a few months ago; as a huge fan of life drawing and the human body, your comic has been as awesome addition to my daily rounds about the internet. L&Z's variety in terms of body types and the like is simply wonderful (especially in contrast to most mainstream nudes you tend to see nowadays...), and the natural approach to nudity just makes my day- neither emphasizing, nor demphasizing the genitals. Huzzah!
Keep up the absolutely wonderful work with the comic, and expect some fanart sooon!
Claire - 14.3.04

Thanks for your email Claire - that's great feedback! Drawing L&Z is bit like a big life drawing class for me and I really enjoy being able to put in people of all shapes and sizes and being able to treat the human form in completely natural way. I'm certainly looking forward to any fan art you might send my way :)

When I first started reading Loxie and Zoot I found it a bit too much in the "preaching" mood for my tastes. I have just finished reading the long series, about the open day, the TV appearances and such. I must say: I ended up loving it. It still has a strong pedagogical taste, but now I find it part of the charm. (And, by the way, most people on this planet can really use a couple of lessons on the subject).
I salute you for a very good job.
Juan - 9.3.04

You had me reaching for the dictionary to work out 'pedagogical' ("teaching to children"). I'd agree with your assessment that it did get a bit preachy in some spots. Hopefully, as I develop my story-telling skills, I'll move even further away from this.

Thanks for having me waste my whole day reading all the cartoons :-) It is excellent, and depicts the naturists' way of life so perfectly. While reading the toons I could picture the "clan" at our local resort and even identify some of them :-) Incredibly well-drawn, well-written, and totally true-to-life! Keep up the good work! (And can I buy your stuff over here in South Africa?)
Johan - 3.3.04

I'm always happy to have helped someone waste their afternoon reading my comics! :)
You won't find anywhere in South Africa that sells the book - but you can buy via my website.

Just a short comment: with the new story well on it’s way, your page with “the cast” should be revised. Now I’m curious who Andy, Frank and Ellie are - (school) friends of Willow?
And what happened with the unfinished detectivestory you started after “The Koala Bares” ended?
Martijn - 25.2.04

Yes, I really should update that info! Andy and Frank are in the same classes as Willow at Koala Bay College (although I don't know if she'd call them friends, especially not now!) and Ellie is a friend. Beyond that I don't have much more to say about them which is part of the reason I haven't given them an entry... yet.
The detective story (started pre keenspace) is likely to be revised and revistited towards the end of the year, I have a few shorter character type stories I want to do first.

I just found this site about two weeks ago and I love the story you are telling and the charaters. I found you by a banner ad on Netnude.com as I was on my way to Ron Coleman's weekly nudietoon LOL. I am going to purchase your comic soon.
So far you are right, this is a more serious storyline, but you have earned my trust so I will be here for the duration. Thanks for the entertainment
Jere - 16.2.04

I am glad to see your back with new toons!!! Have been reading your toons from the start and I have enjoyed them all I even have the book and can't wait for the next one. Keep up the great work.
Tim - 30.1.04

As much as I'd like to print another book, I reckon I'll need to sell a lot more copies of the current book before I can be coaxed into publishing a new one! Tell all your friends to buy buy buy!

I just came across your site and think it is just fabulous. Being a closet nudist myself and having a shy, currently uninterested wife, I am hoping she will read these and be encouraged to give it a try one day with me.
Stephen - 28.1.04

I've been reading the strip for quite a while now, and really love it! You do great work.
One thing I've noticed is that in the beginning, Loxie and Zoot used to go barefoot, but now they always wear flip-flops. Is there a reason for that?
That last strip where Loxie and Zoot were walking the dog nude at night (which was priceless by the way) would have been a perfect opportunity for them to be barefoot.
Please don't think I'm turning against your wonderful comic strip. I think it's great! I'm just an advocate for going barefoot, especially with nudists. Thanks for all the hard work you do, and know that over here in "the states" we really enjoy your talent and your perspective on nudism!
Barefoot Texan - 23.1.04

Hmmm - no reason behind that... possibly just a habit I've slipped into. It's a good point and one which may get a looking at...
Mind you, here in Australia we have some nasty thorns that grown in the grass, not to mention various insects and arachnids you wouldn't want to tread on!!!
(I trod on one of those thorns once... and boy it's like treading on a nail... really brings a tear to the eye!)

iI am glad to see your back with new toons!!! Have been reading your toons from the start and I have enjoyed them all I even have the book and can't wait for the next one. Keep up the great work.
Tim - 30.1.04

Yep, there's no question about this one! Zoot's car is a V.W. old model "beetle". And that means it must be... Herbie!!! After going bananas and to Monte Carlo, the love bug... goes bare! ;-) Hey, Herbie, nice yellow tan you got there... (and he is naked: he's taken off his racing number.)
Now, Stephen, this is a cameo you had been hiding from us. ;-) I'm betting I'm the first reader to spot it. So, do I win an autograph from Herb #4?
I'll be keeping these peepers peeled. I believe I might find a cameo of Jonathan Livingston the seagull if I look in the skies hard enough. [Panel 2.09 on the "Welcome to Koala Bay" sign, perhaps?]
However, I don't think there's much hope of discovering Zeera at the Koala Bares just yet. Unless she attempts time travel some day in that teleporter of hers...
Pascal - 17.1.04

Well picked there! I used to drive a VW Bug - hence mey homage to it in pretty much every comic I ever draw! But yes, four Herbs... never thought of that! Speaking of cameos... there will be a character introduced in an upcoming Noodtoon who can be spotted in panel 2.11! As for Zeera dropping in, anything is possible! :) I'm planning a short story featuring another webcomic character, who will quite literally drop in on the Bares sometime in May! More on that in the News section.

I was just looking at your current toon "The Koala Bares: Wearing a Smile (7.05)" and I was thinking that perhaps having "Koala Sands declared a legal nude beach" might be improved. Be nice if we could avoid the ghettoization of nude beaches and encourage more options on a wide range of beaches.
Scott - 17.1.04

I couldn't agree with you more... so perhaps Zoot needs to widen his way of thinking too. I for one would prefer to go to my local beach rather than make a major trek. Maybe at sometime in the future this may happen! :)

Your skill as an artist is most impressive. It's good to know that there are people out there who can put to paper a more realistic display of the human anatomy. Have you ever though of opening a school to teach other like minded people who might feel inspired to follow in your foot steps? Who knows, you could charge a reasonable fee for teaching them, and then use that money to hire other artists to produce more great naturist comics.
Anon - 17.1.04

At the moment I do teach a community college evening course in cartooning, but it is very introductory and basic and only goes for 8 classes... but perhaps in the future... you never know.

I've discovered your comic about a month ago via the INA site, and really loved it. It has all the right stuff in the right places: humor, feelings, touches of seriousness and depth, a positive message, characters with personnality and dimension, neat style and pleasant colors... plus loads of nudity, never hurts for popularity :). If this is what naturist spirit is about, you're doing an impressive job at promoting it! Even Tex Tyler manages to be somehow touching in the naiveness of his narrow-mindedness. (By the way, thumbs up for making him more than a little smart and cunning. I kept waiting for him to ruin his suit by going for a dip but... A good villain is what makes a good hero -'storywriting 101'. Just ask George Lucas.)
I'm getting rather excited counting the days till when I have the complete story to read it in depth. Only 8 more pages to go... Meanwhile, I certainly wouldn't have missed the rest of your updates, and yesterday... WHOA! Mommy Gaia, hello beauty! It may just be an amateur's drawing (amateur compared to a painting by Michaelangelo or Da Vinci), but honestly, this is some authentic piece of art. The symbol of it all is just gorgeous. Like you said, some sexy top-model may look nice in a peplum movie, but all the meaning gets sacrificed along the way. The best incarnation of Gaia I had seen so far was the one in that Captain Planet eco-cartoon. Rather nice, with a wise-and-mature thing to her, but just more than okay in comparison. And heck, mother Nature is still too young to be getting grey hair, dagnabbit! I think you've given us here a true 21st century symbol, uniting modern cosmology with ancient mythology like that. Kind of "think where we're going but remember where we came from". Mother Nature should indeed be generous in form as well as in her giving, right? She does have that blooming serenity of a Buddha, without the excesses of obesity. Besides, there's somethind about a pregnant woman that's just irresistibly feminine and gracious, isn't it? And oh so very much motherly. (Say... is that planet-belly spinning?)
My one and only regret is that the format isn't quite right to set it as wallpaper. Say, maybe that's an interesting idea. Precisely, the only je-ne-sais-quoi that's missing on your site is a wallpaper section. But I guess you're much too young to retire from cartooning already (^_^), so I'll just be patient and sooner or later something is bound to come by when you find the time. [Hmm, I could tile the Bengatta Mural in the meantime...]
Here's wishing you a long and happy career, and an excellent year to come.
P.S. You know, I made a cartoon about 15 years ago that looked uncanninly close to your romantic sunset picture in the toons section. If I can find it again, I'll scan it for your fan art section. (Which really deserves to grow a little bigger.)
Pascal - 7.1.04

Many thanks for your email! It's great to get that kind of feedback. Tex may be a dummy but he's sure not stupid... unfortunately for him, Mungo is even more cunning!
I certainly agree with your assessment of Gaia... and yes the world would be spinning around in there! My thinking is that her energy spirit envelopes the world... we are as much a part of her as unborn babe might be. Unfortunately we're also doing a fair bit of kicking at the moment... giving her some morning sickness no doubt! Hopefully we'll settle down soon! :)
Yeah - wallpaper... I've certainly **thought** about it. ;) But you're right about Gaia, that would make a nice wallpaper, especially with the backdrop of stars... I'll make that a "spare time" project.
And yeah, I'd love to see more pictures in the fan art section... perhaps my fans don't consider themselves artists or something (don't be shy you lot!). If you can't find that sunset pic anything new would be just as excellent!

I read through all of the series you've made since last summer, and I have to say, I love the strip! I think it's great how you've taken the time into putting out a quality group of characters with a quality way of living - and the illustrations are great.
If you ever run out of ideas, or at least come up against a block that's taking a lot of time to get around, perhaps you could follow some of the main characters a little more closely, outside of their lives at Koala Bay. I'm not saying that you should shift to the short, weekly quips or unending soap operas of the comics I usually see in my newspaper, but it would be interesting to get to know the characters more intimately. Perhaps they will face a cold shoulder or outright persecution from some of their closest non-nudist friends when these folk learn of their naturist tendancies.
Or perhaps you could do a series about a pre-teen's or adolescent's struggle with his/her body image, with a private exploration of nudity (because his parents don't practice it), with uncertainties and discomfort when his/her parents start practicing it out of the blue, or with confusing pressures from cultural forces, such as peer-pressure, commercialism, and pornography. And I'm sure, sooner or, probably, later, good old Tex will make a slow, but big conversion to naturism, and try to champion the cause and philosophy of the Bares around the whole town, perhaps running into similar raised eyebrows or persecution in the political arena.
Cool. Can't wait for tomorrow strip!
Straber - 5.1.04

You'll be happy to know that over the next few months I'll be doing exactly what you've suggested. I'll have a few one page "shorts" for about three weeks, then I'll be heading into a short story featuring Willow. I also have a couple of stories about Nick and his friends planned, plus some other fun stuff. From here on in I don't expect to have 120 page epics like The Koala Bares. Most stories should range from 1 to 10 to 30 to 60 pages max. All covering the sort of themes you have suggested. As for Tex...

Your comic is really cool. I'm not a nudist yet (still living at my parents house, plus the closest resort is 5 hours from here) but I think that it really show the friendly side of nudism. Some parts are a bit exaggerated I think (not everybody get convinced that fast) but it's good.
I saw on the net many sites that tells that men don't get erections at nudist resort. I was believing it to be true but I think your cartoon proves it. A link to be send to everybody who thinks otherwise :)
Anon - 27.12.03

Thanks! While I agree quite a few people do get convinced pretty quickly in the story, you'd be surprised at how quickly people really do change their minds once they're mixing it with a bunch of nude people. And yes, while erections are the number one fear that most men have about going to a nudist resort they're also very unlikely to happen.

I saw a reference to "Loxie & Zoot" on SunnyDay's Message Board, and decided to take a look. As some of your other Feedback messages have said, I really appreciate you including such a widely diverse group of body types in your comic series. It looks just like "real life"! Although, I don't think I know anyone quite like "Mungo" here in Texas. ;-^)
Please keep up the good work.
David - 14.12.03

I really love all the widely differing bodies. Oh wow, realistic droopy breasts! I feel better about mine (that bear the er, proud signs of three pregnancies) just by looking at them. And people are fat or have love handles or whatever ... so good for my self-esteem. :-)
Anon - 18.11.03

Cool - that's fantastic feedback! I like having as much realistic variety in body shapes as possible. I find drawing larger and/or droopier bodies to be a quite a challenge, and also more rewarding and interesting from an artistic point of view.

Just found Loxie & Zoot from a link on Reinder's (Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan) front page. It's fabbo, I love it! I must say I was a little disappointed to find Zoot's dream world at the start wasn't real. ;) And I love "Sven". And Mungo, he's really funny.
I know what you mean about people "just happening to be nude". I think there should be more of them. They happen quite often in The Pantheon, my own webcomic, although they're usually gods as well.
Can't wait for the next bit of the story!
Timm - 12.11.03

I appreciate the toons very much. I check in everyday or every other day to see what's up with the Koala Bares. The drawing is fun and colorful. The characters are well rounded - the very kind of people I would like to meet. I'd even like to have a kind word or two with Tex Tyler! Poor guy, I doubt he can ever be persuaded to get his kit off for real - he is just too handy as a villain.
I have just ordered the book too. I would like to read them all again and I wanted my two kids to have it also. I am wondering how Nick will come around. I remember what I felt like when my first few hairs appeared down below.
John - 30.10.03

Hey again Stephen,
The comic is definitely better this time around, todays for example I don't remember the scene of Willow and Tash dancing, so I'm guessing its new! But the colour looked really great :) The fire stick being thrown into the air etc.
Thanks for the great comic!
Jade - 1.10.03

Thanks Jade - nope all totally the same as the first time round. That page really blows people away which is great (especilly since it took me forever to colour it!).

Awesome! Its great to see the comic happening again! Is it me or have u redone the strip? I remember reading this before, but it looks better than I remember, (no offence if I'm wrong, absence makes the heart grow fonder etc). Will it eventually pick up where u left off ages ago?
Great to read about the Koala Bay nudies again! :-)
Jade - 12.9.03

Yeah - the toons are slightly rejigged, rather than strip format it's now in page format and some of the artwork has been fixed up (all current pages are as they appear in the book)
I'm planning some new one pager toons, a couple of short (10-15 page) stories and then will be picking up where I left off... although the Nood Nood Nood World storyline will be somewhat rewritten and redrawn from the one you'd remember.

I like your site, and the cartoons are excellent. I can't wait for the next part of your series.
Amber - 25.8.03

Its great to see these two back on the net, keep up the good work.
Peter - 24.8.03

Just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed the adventures of Loxie & Zoot that you have on the Net so far. Looking forward to more.
Jean - 23.8.03

Call me a prude but the thought of naked bodies is not something I like to entertain, do you know how cold it gets in England during winter and naked English bodies are not a pretty sight.
Kolla - 22.8.03

Great website, Stephen! I'm glad to see you get it on-line! How do you do the colouring? It looks great! I'd love to learn some of your secrets. I'm attempting to order all of the publications you have been in, so I can have a complete set of the Loxie and Zoot originals. That's something you could add to your site; a bibliography. I'd like to see a list of the publications who have reproduced your work and what issues they appeared in. Truly a great site and I want to applaud you for your endeavours with making a down-to-earth naturist strip about this wonderful lifestyle. Loxie & Zoot are definitely on my favourites list.
Keep up the great work and stay free!
George - 18.8.03

I've already replied to George, but for anyone else wondering the same things...

  • I use Photoshop to colour the pics. I've been taking tips from a few comics colouring websites, all the rest I've sort of made up as I go along.
  • The first Loxie and Zoot (aka Noodtoons) was in Sun & Health #60 <editor@sunandhealth.com.au>
    "Anywhere else but Queensland" and "Loxie and Zoot: Walkin' the Dog" were in The Australian Naturist #4 and #7 respectively <tan@bigpond.net.au>. By the way, both S&H and TAN are very fine Aussie naturist mags too!

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