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There's plenty of nekkid toons and pics to be found here (in keeping with the theme of the site, of course!) - some of it is stuff I drew years ago, but I'm figuring there'll be new pieces soon enough.
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Art Guest Art
Art I've produced for other comics - some of it has a naturist/nudie theme, some of it doesn't!
updated 11 Nov 04

Art Birthdaysuit Parrrrty
Loxie and Zoot celebrate their first birthday as part of the Keenspace community.
updated 16 August 04

Art Wallpaper
Clear your desktop! Stick up some Loxie & Zoot wallpaper.
updated 16 August 04

Art Candid Bares
Loxie & Zoot
characters - posing for casual pictures, character studies and the like.
updated 2 Feb 04

Art Previews
Get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming stories.
updated 9 Jan 04

Misc Noods
Various un-Loxie & Zoot related nude cartoon style illos I've done since 2000. Some are Loxie & Zoot related but mostly not. Currently only three pics at the moment but will add to it over time!

Previously seen in...
Some non-Loxie & Zoot toons that have been published in nudie mags over the years. See? I pick a theme and stick to it like crazy glue!

Way back in the dark ages of the internet (ie 1997-98) - Loxie & Zoot had their first online outings in Noodtoons. Any passing similarity between this ye olde stuff and The Koala Bares is totally coincidental!

Fan Art Noods Gallery
This is a little collection of thumbnails originaly used to link to weekly installments of The Koala Bares story when it was serialised the first time round. It's spoiler free!

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