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Hey there Loxie & Zoot fans and readers - if you've got a creative urge why not draw some pics of your fave character or characters? Or of your own comic characters enjoying the nood mood at the Koala Bay Bares? They don't even have to be nude, don't have to be full body or frontal - just as long as they're tasteful I'll stick 'em on the site. If you've got a site here on Keenspace let me know so I can link your pic to it - I might even be able to return the favour! Send to:
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Sven and Wife
by HowdieDoodieHead (aka Jay)
by Ping Teo

Birthday Week Art: August 2-6, 2004

A whole swag of gift art for Loxie and Zoot's birthday week celebrations from readers and other cartoonists - either of Loxie & Zoot characters, and/or of their own characters enjoying the nood-mood at the Koala Bay Bares. My hugest thanks to you all!!

Tasha - Fire Dancer
by Vystrix Nexoth
Kel, Jodoque and Ottar (featuring Loxie!)
by Reinder Dijkhuis
Tove visits the Koala Bay Bares (featuring Mungo!)
by prettydragoon
Bryna and Sonja from 'Grab My Goblin'
by Bryna
Debbie from 'Seed of Judgment'
by Ty Frederick
Camora from 'Mansion of E'
by Robert M. Cook
Trudy from 'It's the End of the World'
by [AOD]
John the Naturist
by Ron Bennett

by Troy Smith
'Adam and Eve'
by me!
by Jay


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